WHSS 2023 part 2


The World Health Sovereignty Summit 2023 Part 2

Thursday, November 2nd – 1 pm Central

Join Sacha Stone and a select panel of iconic speakers for the conclusion of the six-week World Health Sovereignty Summit 2023 which has helped shake up the status quo and restore veracity and integrity to the Covid narrative and attendant global health crises.

The Summit has brought together luminaries and leading experts in medicine, law, academia and activism – challenging the norms and agendas perpetrated by the deep state and world government for decades. It has ignited a shift in consciousness around the globe.

Restoration of human health sovereignty must become the vital springboard to planetary awakening. We are deeply grateful to all the speakers and pundits who have graced this years summit and look forward to increased momentum in 2024!

The World Health Sovereignty Summit 2023 closing panel will stream live on Thursday, November 2nd – 1 pm Central

Featured guests

Dr. David Martin (prerecorded message)
Dr. Peter McCullough
Dr. Rima Laibow
Steve Kirsch
Dr. Bryan Ardis
Maria Crisler

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