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AGN Voices Monday, May 15, 2023 / 1pm-3pm CDT/7pm-9pm UK

Voices of AGN Part 1
5 Critical Segments To Shift the Status Quo.

David Icke – AGN 23
G. Edward Griffin – AGN 24
Dr. Rima Laibow – AGN 25
Dr. Christiane Northrup – AGN 15
Mark Passio – AGN 22

I will be traveling this Sunday May 14th – in lieu of a live show we are running a montage of five past guests – Incredibly powerful segments with speakers who in their own way address the one thing that is keeping us from tipping the balance from darkness to light – from a true collective awakening and real change in the hologram.

What is that one thing?

It is ourselves – each time we stay silent, each time we don’t act…each time we don’t scream from the rooftops about the crimes being committed against our children, our friends and neighbors. It is apathy, external focus, waiting for a savior. It is fear and not standing in our great power.

It is continuing to participate in the theater.

As we are all watching an orchestrated financial collapse – how many are still using the banking system or buying stocks? As we watch the sock puppet administration throw trillions at a fake war in Ukraine, how many are still paying personal income taxes? As NWO organizations like WEF push ahead with their endless narratives and agendas – how many are actually taking the time to stand against them in any meaningful capacity? As the Deep State gets more and more desperate and puts on one ridiculous clown show and fake actor after another, how many are still worried about what their neighbors or family will think? As we get more and more definitive evidence of the extensive damage caused by Covid vaccines, how many are ACTUALLY speaking out publicly about the evil being committed? As we see the system crumble under corruption and ineffective solutions, how many are still relying on the medical system when so many far superior natural remedies are available?


David Icke
Arguably the most prolific figure in the movement to wake up the world, this iconic grandfather of truth, disclosure and the vibrational universe spoke in great detail about the different aspects and critical importance of raising our consciousness to bring about the real and true great awakening within humanity.

G. Edward Griffin
This Veteran red-piller delved into the grave dangers of Collectivism and groupthink – which have rarely been more evident than the last three years. Ed took us on a tour of the fabricated history that most humans have been taught and how this idea that the group is more important than the individual has been woven throughout specifically to program humanity… and continually lurks just below the surface to get us to comply.

Dr. Rima Laibow
This veteran naturopath and global freedom activist issued dire words of warnings – NO ONE can afford to sit back. All humans must stand up in the face of Genocide. She called on all nations to immediately withdraw from the WHO and UN and gave specific instructions to global citizens on how to pressure their leaders to do so. And in the midst of describing utter chaos she reminded us that love and natural healing is still the best way to treat or cure virtually every condition or illness.

Dr. Christiane Northrup
The Grande Dame of women’s reproductive health and staunch advocate for medical autonomy in the era of covidiocy shared staggering data about the correlation between jabs and loss of unborn life and effects on procreation. A truly chilling warning to everyone to do all they can to alert the world about the future of humanity if we don’t act – a slow match to extinction through destruction of our ability to reproduce.

Mark Passio
Natural law and sovereignty legend – Mark did not mince words with his powerful definition of true sovereignty and objective morality, and got right into the heart of our message today – the all too-common but misguided notion that to be a good person one must only not harm anyone and have good intentions. Wrong. To be a good person ACTION is required – to proactively fight evil when it’s being committed in front of our eyes.


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