AGN Election Integrity Edition


AGN Special Report USA Midterm Elections 2022


Scott McKay
Mel K

Full list of speaker links and resources will go out in the replay email tonight. In the meantime, because these are so time-sensitive and critical please visit:

Our AGN family is most definitely global – and those of you who have followed us since the beginning have seen leading activists from literally every corner of the world. This episode is a dedicated special edition – and we hear from our friends all over the world that the outcome of USA Elections 2022 will be felt across the entire world. We hope that all our AGN family will get something out of it… and remember to share with your American friends 🙂


Sacha Stone – host
Scott McKay and Mel K – special co-hosts
Dr. Patrick Byrne
Sheriff Richard Mack
Jovan Hutton Pulitzer
Tina Peters
Donna Brandenburg
Dr. Frank G. Douglas
Stephen Stern (Precinct 2.0 initiatives)
Michelle Swinick
Joey Gilbert
Dr. Cordie Williams
Leigh Dundas
Ruth Weiss (EIP CA/NV/AZ)
Sarah Stephens (Make California Gold Again)
Jeff Zink
Scotty Saks – co-producer

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