AGN 47


ARISE! Guerilla News 47

Tuesday,, March 12, 2024 | 1-3 pm Central

Tune in Tuesday, March 12, 1-3 pm Central for an impromptu, condensed broadcast to address recent critical topics, including the Super Tuesday primary results setting the stage for the 2024 USA Presidential Election; the banking collapse now obviously at our doorstep and President Trump’s shocking public praising of Covid so-called vaccines.

We are back after a six-week hiatus while Sacha and some of the NewEarth team (including our producer Joanne) travelled across California and Arizona unveiling lies that humanity has been told, examining Native American wisdom around the Hopi Prophecy and the Pueblo legacies and speaking to another sold-out audience at the Conscious Life Expo. At every stop the team continues to showcase breaktrough dietary supplements from NewEarth Farmacy (Spike Immunity and Turbo Spike and Ecoli Protection) along with our partner Biophotonic’s “Russian cosmonaut” tech bioresonant healing devices. and for more info.

AGN 47 will feature:
-Juan O’Savin for an all-around status quo on the MAGA, the America First movement, 2024 USA Election insights and Mar-A-Lago first-hand account of the President Trump’s response to the much publicized State of the Union address.

-G. Money, our resident financial expert is back to help you navigate what to do in the coming weeks and months to protect your assets and what to expect. We have been speaking out the financial sector since it became evident a collapse was imminent.

-Stew Peters, first time on the show and we are thrilled to welcome this hardline non-nonsense truth speaker, former bounty hunter and notably producer of widely-watched Died Suddenly and ground-breaking Watch the Water. Stew does not hold back with his position on the necessary punishments for those committing treason and supporting the experimentation on humanity.

As usual you can watch at and please share widely. We will resume regular fornightly program on Sunday, March 24.

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