AGN 46


ARISE! Guerilla News 46

Sunday, January 21, 2024 | 6 pm PST | 8 pm CST | 10 am Monday Bali

-Cathy O’Brien
Author, whistleblower, beloved friend of our team and the show… the brilliant and inspiring survivor of institutional child abuse and trafficking at the highest levels No one has more insight to on the meaning and implications of the Epstein files or the knowledge to discuss the realities of this horrendous topic for the upcoming child trafficking awareness month.

-Dr. Michael Schwartz
Author of the book everyone is talking about – Skyhorse- published “Fauci’s Fiction: The Book on Covid.” Dr. Schwartz owns and operates three medical clinics in New Jersey and Florida and his company was the first in New Jersey to start conducting Covid-19 testing – he wrote the book amazed at how much of the public still doesn’t have access to the truth about COVID-19.

– Kim Yeater, Scotty Saks and US Border Insiders
Our very own co-host and the host of Take Your Power Back Kim Yeater will discuss the takedown of the USA southern border and the “Take Our Border Back” convoy leaving San Diego on February 3 – bringing together Patriots, veterans, law enforcement, elected officials, podcasters, influencers, media, Sheriffs, legislators, attorneys, business owners and more…

Crypto and financial markets update. Many of you know GMoney our resident new systems whiz- and we are due for a 2024 update! G is a self-proclaimed “bitcoin maximalist”, and self custody expert.

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