AGN 45


ARISE! Guerilla News 45

Sunday, January 7, 2024 1-3 pm Central/2-4 pm Eastern/7-9 pm UK

Welcome to the first AGN of 2024, falling on the weekend of January 6, forever embedded in our awakened collective consciousness as yet another date that the elite rulers behind the scenes hijacked freedoms and rights all in the free world hold dear.

Each of our speakers are POWERFUL voices shaking up core institutions in America and holding them accountable for the crimes of the last four years. AGN 45 will feature:

-Ivan Raiklin – the retired Lt. Colonel, Constitutional Attorney and former Green Beret who served 25 years in the Department of Defense and Special Ops will be back to discuss the latest we know about J6, the prisoners and what has been done with the narrative to shape the status quo.

-Brad Miller – a quick return to AGN for this Westpoint graduate and one-time Lt. Colonel and Battalion Commander in the U.S. Army who is leading the effort to hold the entire U.S. military and its top leaders accountable for Covid 19 Vaccination mandates and resulting losses – the Declaration of Military Accountability that has landed him on virtually every broadcast in the week since his move went viral on Twitter with millions of views.

-Dr Jane Ruby – first time on AGN and we could not be more excited, Dr. Ruby has been a prolific voice for medical freedom. She is remarkably qualified as an internal medicine physician, with a subspecialty in cardiology, who also holds two earned doctorates, two masters degrees, and a Bachelor’s degree, with over 20 years of experience in human research and drug approval processes with the FDA.

-Austin Steinbart – get ready for the haters! This brilliant yet divisive human who was very close to the center of the Trump related /2020 hub of “conspiracy theories” and according to Vanity Fair claimed to be actual Q with his “future” self generating posts for 8Chan. Austin will describe his unusual spy thriller experiences, showdowns with the Feds, raids and time in prison and shed some light on the little-understood Q movement as well as what he is working on now and sees coming.

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Segment 1 Ivan

Segment 2 Dr Jane

Segment 3 Brad Miller

Segment 4 Austin