AGN 43


ARISE! Guerilla News 43

Sunday, December 3, 2023 1-3 pm Central/2-4 pm Eastern/7-9 pm UK

We continue to lift the veils off the long-buried truths about this planet… with updates about the most engaging current  affairs around the world, a jarring and courageous whistleblower account of medical kidnapping and associated sexual trafficking, the incalculable damages of military Covid-19 vaccine mandates, insider details about two prolific election U.S. election cases that could influence the 2024 Presidential election and have repercussions around the world … and kicking it all off with a decisive win for humanity and natural “farmacology” solutions now available to restore and elevate the human genome.

AGN 43 Speakers:

Clay Clark
Back for a sixth time on AGN, we welcome our friend and man with his finger on the pulse of truth across America and the world, the endlessly-energetic organizer and host of the ReAwaken America Tour with General Flynn and many of our AGN speakers. For those who may not know, Clay is a family man with five children, a farm and a highly-ranked coaching business; he is an entrepreneur and visionary who has founded and fronted several multimillion dollar companies and has been featured extensively across many popular business publications.

He will speak to us about the shadowy purveyor of evil and mentor to Klaus Schwab, Henry Kissinger, the 2024 U.S. Presidential landscape, Elon Musk, CBDCs and the dollar collapse and more.

Maria Crisler
World-renowned clinical research scientist with training in microscopy, microbiology and hematology with over 20 years experience in the clinical and business-medical field; Chief Scientific Officer & CEO Abeytu’ Naturals, contributor to Epoch Times, best-selling medical forensic book “Defeating Covid”, recipient of the ‘International Most Significant Anti-Aging/Well-Aging Formula category from the Scientific Beauty Organization Cosmetics & Toiletries in NYC and New Earth Farmacy co-founder.

Maria will talk to us about the ways we have historically treated disease, how much more is becoming available through remarkable technologies like IgY and natural dietary supplements.

Araiah Jazzar
Married mother of four and naturopathic energy healer. When Araiah’s first child was born, she was medically kidnapped and gang-raped for six weeks while an inpatient at a university hospital. She has spent many years recovering her health and mental well-being, which were devastated by the psychiatrist who was meant to care for her.  Using natural methods, she has overcome paralysis, mercury poisoning and Lyme disease without any medications.

As the founder of Unity Biofeedback she is honored to help others recover from trauma and sexual abuse using effective frequency-based healing methods.  She is coming on AGN to share her story to create justice and reach those who need help recovering from profound trauma.

Tina Peters
Most of your know and love the one and only Tina Peters, one of the greatest heroes of the fight against widespread election fraud happening around the globe, a Navy Seal Gold Star mom and the woman who has given the world the only evidence we have of how the Dominion Voting Machines are used to affect election outcomes – who faces seven felonies and three misdemeanors for showing the world the truth.

She will tell us the latest about what she sees happening on the elections landscape and about her just-filed lawsuit against the U.S. government.

Dana Hindman-Allen and Mei Wong
Pro Se Citizen election fraud investigators bringing a seminal case with 2024 implications to the Supreme Court.

Dana is a fifth generation Oregonian serving as a Clackamas County delegate to the Oregon Republican Party since 2022. She ran for Clackamas County Commissioner in 2022 when the famed USA mid-term elections security issues unfolded. Dana is currently running for Clackamas County Commissioner

Mei Wong
Veteran’s rights advocate and business owner who immigrated to the United States with her family from Hong Kong at the age of six; Mei ran for a regional county district seat in Oregon at the height of the 2022 midterm election disruption, meeting Dana and deciding to shine a light on the crimes being committed.

Brad Miller
West Point graduate and former lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, Brad served as a battalion commander at the time the Department of Defense Covid-19 vaccine mandate went into effect. He was relieved of command for refusing to comply with the mandate and subsequently resigned from the Army with just over 19 years of active service. Brad is an outspoken voice for truth and freedom and encourages others to join the cause for liberty.

He will tell us his story and talk to us about the legal, ethical and societal implications of the widespread military mandates – and whether the US military (and by extension, many around the world) will be able to fully recover and if so, how.

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