AGN 40


AGN Broadcast 40 Sunday

Sunday, September 24, 2023 / 1-3 pm Central/ 7-9 pm UK

DR. MICHAEL SALLA – World Leader in Exopolitics and understanding covert operations of Space Force and the Earth Alliance. Dr. Sallas’ historical work is referenced as the most important historical and galactic information of our time..

TONY RODRIGUES – Abducted by Illuminati family, sold as a military asset and used in child torture programs to gain knowledge in consciousness and medical advancements. Tony was a slave on Mars and Ceres Colony.

Jean-Charles Moyen is an ET contactee –
after his abduction at the age of 4 in front of his parents, he returned with unique abilities and was recruited as a Super soldier in ultra-top-secret Franco-American space programs on off-planet missions; his incredible documentary REVELATIONS STARSEED 2 provides irrefutable proof of what he has experienced throughout his life.

DANI HENDERSON – ALIEN AND PARANORMAL EXPERIENCER, founder of The Galactic and Spiritual Informers Connection for global whistleblowers in the true history of our planet and solar system. Author of number 1 best seller Angels Demons and Aliens.

Founder and Film Maker at Good Lion TV aka “The Netflix of Conspiracies”: Music producer of Venus Looking Glass and the famed J6 Doobie Smoker. In Nick’s 57th film, The Greatest Show on Earth, the audience explores Trump as Commander in Chief through a timeline presentation.

DR. CHARLEY CROPLEY Naturopathic doctor, providing innovative natural medicine and self-healing therapy though Nourish – a virtual/in-person naturopathic clinic that specializes in training individuals, groups, holistic practitioners and doctors the art and practice of self-healing through the examination and modification of  four primary behaviors.a

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