AGN 38


AGN Broadcast 38 Sunday

Sunday, August 13, 2023 / 1-3 pm CDT/7-9 pm UK

TOMORROW! Get ready for an incredibly powerful and insightful show with some truly remarkable people – and as promised, a HUGE announcement coming up!

AGN 38 will feature:

– Dr. Joseph Ladapo: Author of Transcend Fear: A Blueprint for Mindful Leadership in Public Health, and the Surgeon
General of Florida… who has taken very strong stands about the connection between cardiac injury and the Covid 19 vaccines- and notably the media and scientific community silence about it.

-Clay Clark: Back for a fifth time to discuss Trump, child trafficking and what is next for the ReAwaken Tour for the rest of 2023 and beyond…a few new stops in store!

-Dr. Bryan Ardis and our own Maria Crisler… back for a third time in a couple of months due to the urgency of what is happening worldwide, Bryan is a retired Chiropractor, Certified Acupuncturist and Nutritionist and a devout researcher who is always seeking to weed out deception in health and medicine – and he and Maria will show us “what now.”.

Maria Crisler has been a Clinical Research Scientist/Microscopist for over 20 years. She is the Chief Scientific Officer and CEO of Abeytu Naturals and much more.

-And as the show special feature, Dr. Patrick Byrne like you have never seen him before, his story for time in print and ready for share with the world. In the words of General Flynn talking about Patrick’s work as a “national intelligence assets” who has courageously and brilliantly used his extraordinary judgement to navigate his directed missions and relentless pursuit of exposing the deep levels of corruption within our government.

The incredible story of bribery, blackmail, rape, murder and other tales, normally the stufffound in fiction novels, are the truth coming from a man who was asked to enable, encourage or conduct these actions on behalf of our very own government.

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Segment 1 Joseph

Segment 2 Ardis

Segment 3 Clay

Segment 4 Patrick