AGN 34


AGN Broadcast 34 Sunday, June 11, 2023 

Host: Sacha Stone Co-hosts Ann Vandersteel and Scotty Saks

Bringing you the insider intel on current affairs – another power-packed broadcast of truth and disclosure from key voices.

AGN 34 will feature:
Ed Dowd – pre-recorded this week and speaking to the financial sector and his involvement with the RFK Jr. campaign as well as his staggering findings about the rise in all-cause mortality and now vax injury and disability rates.

Maria Crisler and Dr. Ardis – (who is returning in a back to back appearance to discuss what he, Sacha and Maria believe to be the plan for the next plandemic – using a mix of e coli and venoms – and what they are jointly doing to protect humanity in advance.

Scott McEwen – get ready for a treat of insider intel from one of the authors of “American Sniper”, the story of Chris Kyle, known as the most lethal sniper in US history, behind the scenes insights on elite military. Scott is also an attorney with deep insights into constitutional law who will discuss all the issues surrounding the Trump indictment and its global implications.

Shannon Joy – incredibly timely update given it’s PRIDE month, that
seems to have turned into “groom our kids month” – from the mom and successful self-syndicated political and cultural commentator who has been battling school boards on a local level while fighting for child advocacy on a national level with some of the most powerful voices out there including RFK Jr. and Steve Kirsch. She will talk to us about the sexualization of our children in schools among other things.

**If time allows we will hear from Ivan Raiklin, a former Green Beret and DC -based attorney, insider, whistleblower and Deep State agitator representing the January 6 prisoners (aka heroes) stashed away and horribly mistreated in the DC gulags masquerading as actual prisons. (If we cannot have Ivan on this show, we will bring him on for AGN 35!)

We will also air a pre-recorded update by 82-year-old maverick and Patriot Stephen Stern, a regular on WarRoom and an election fraud watchdog who is hosting a remarkable virtual FLAG Day summit on June 14 with some of the biggest names in the freedom and truth movement –

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