AGN 33


AGN Broadcast 33 Sunday, May 28, 2023

Host: Sacha Stone Co-hosts Ann Vandersteel and Scotty Saks

Dr. Bryan Ardis
We are excited to welcome to AGN for the first time Dr. Bryan Ardis – retired Chiropractor, Certified Acupuncturist and Nutritionist and a devout researcher who is always seeking to weed out deception in health and medicine. He is the founder of ArdisLabs LLC, a company with the core focus of “Creating Doubt in Big Pharma, and Restoring Faith in Nature”.

Dr. Ardis is also of course widely known for being featured in the Stew Peters documentary Watch the Water – for putting together an in-depth proposal on the connection others have suggested between Covid 19 and various venoms. Notably he recently covered this topic with our beloved fallen truth-warrior Dr. Rashid Buttar, who Bryan helped treat after his stroke and was one of the last to interview him in late April.

Dr. Ardis will give our audience an introduction to the topic, an overview of his work and the data has found and the latest updates on venoms and Covid 19 pathology in general.

Tim Canova
Many of you may remember Tim from the 2016 hotly-contested US Congressional race, when he challenged Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her House seat and fell victim to highly publicized election fraud – this time from the other side of the aisle. Tim is a longtime attorney and law professor, a Georgetown Law Center cum laude grad… his work crosses the disciplines of law, public finance, history, and economics and has been published in more than two dozen book chapters and articles in the U.S. and overseas.

He has played a seminal role in publicly speaking out about several of the financial crises of the last three decades, including financial deregulation and the Federal Reserve under Alan Greenspan, the collapse of the savings & loan industry, and the IMF liberalization of capital accounts. Throughout the Bush administration, Tim repeatedly warned of an impending crisis in the bubble economy and after the 2008 banking crisis he was appointed along with leading economists by Bernie Sanders to the Advisory Committee on Federal Reserve Reform.

Tim will talk to us about the legal document on everyone’s mind – the (finally) released Durham Report; financial systems collapse events over the years and how they compare to what is happening now, and election failures and political machinations across both so-called “parties” – and his own experience with it all.

Nurse Kate Shemirani
Our beloved British anti-Covid narrative heroine and repeat guest is back – the “Natural Nurse in a Toxic World”, Kate has been fighting Covid mandates on masks and jabs in the UK since the very beginning and has been vilified, canceled, censored and pulled from the registry by the Nursing and Midwifery Council – famously called “the most dangerous woman in Britain”. She continues to fight on with her unceasing dedication and her powerful, beautiful spirit.

She will speak to us about Replacement theory – population numbers manipulation for appearances; the rise in “all-causes mortality”; vax deaths and a concerning trend among those seeking restitution for damages drawing a distinction between Covid and other vaccines and an update on 5G and what it is doing to viruses, fungi, mold and bacteria to make humanity sicker and sicker.

Rebecca Walser
The financial situation looms over everything these days so we are bringing back for a critical update on all the issues for a second time Rebecca Walser – frequent MSM and alt media pundit and self professed atypical financial advisor, London School of Economics MBA, top 100 US financial advisor, tax attorney, wealth strategist, certified financial planner and bestselling author who has been has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Fox News, ABC, NBC, Yahoo Finance and Fox Business along with Brighteon TV and WarRoom.

She will talk to us about the 14th Amendment and the debt ceiling issues in the USA, the departure from the dollar around the world; BRICS nations, Mexico, Japan and France, social security concerns and what citizens can do to adjust to a possible new system and everything that is happening.

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