AGN 32


AGN Broadcast 32 Sunday, April 30, 2023

Host: Sacha Stone

Another two hours of truth and critical updates we all must hear about!

-Foster Gamble
-Ora Nadrich
-Canada Update: Pastor Artur Pawlowski; Laura Lynn Tyler-Thomas and Kevin Johnston
-Juan O’Savin

Another icon joins the ARISE! Guerrilla News speaker family – we are thrilled and honored beyond measure to welcome legendary truth seeker and freedom fighter Foster Gamble to AGN. We are very blessed to have this icon – who does very limited media appearances – speak to us this Sunday.

Foster has been on a mission to create compelling media that assists humanity in thriving through the evolutionary challenges threatening our survival, including the documentary film “THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take” and associated website. He and his wife Kimberly and a small team are dedicated to getting the message of THRIVE out to as many people worldwide as possible.

He will speak to us about Bobby Kennedy, Tucker Carlson and of course truth media, parasitic trends and emerging solutions, the silver lining of the plandemic as he sees it and his new independent website and blog where all of the THRIVE archives can be found.

Also joining us this Sunday will be Ora Nadrich, author and mindfulness expert who will you be speaking about the lack of critical thinking during the Covid era. She was also on the exploratory committee for RFK Junior‘s presidential run so we will be discussing a possible paradigm shift within the Democrat “party” – the Kennedy Democrats… and what that might do to the woke left and how it could overlap with the truth and freedom movement.

We are all looking forward to a long-overdue and highly-anticipated Canada update from a powerful panel including Pastor Artur Pawlowski covering the general status quo, Laura Lynn Tyler Thomas from British Columbia and Kevin Johnston, a former mayoral candidate from Calgary – both of whom will discuss menacing new laws and dangerous court precedents that have happened there.

Closing us out will be the incomparable international man of mystery and Covid era voice of truth Juan O’Savin reporting on the situation at Darien Gap, the depleted Uranium rounds in Central Europe/Ukraine, the US troop movements to Poland Ukraine, transition from paper to digital money Israel/US…among other things.


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