AGN 31


AGN Broadcast 31  Sunday, April 16, 2023

Host: Sacha Stone

We are honored and excited to bring to the AGN platform for the first time the iconic Dr. Naomi Wolf along with three returning legends and friends of AGN to tell you everything you need to know, right now.

Dr. Wolf is a remarkable powerhouse who has been an incredible force for change in every era of her life – as a formerly liberal feminist influencer, best-selling author, political strategist and journalist who has been sharing anti–narrative views since 2014 in mainstream publications like The Nation, The New Republic, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post, coming out especially strongly for medical freedom and anti- globalist narratives in the last three years. She is the Founder and CEO of Daily Clout, an online platform that provides digital tools for Americans to engage with politics more efficiently and affect democracy and outcomes. She and the WarRoom/Daily Clout teams just successfully published the Pfizer Documents Analysis Report as a book now available for everyone to see what exactly was knowingly hidden from all of us.

Joining us after Dr. Wolf live will be the one and only Kyle Kemper, half-brother of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who can speak with incredible insight and intelligence to an incredible variety of topics – and especially some of the hottest current issues including the war on crypto, economic outlook and of course banking and small businesses.

We will have two freshly pre-recorded segments from the last couple of days – with two men who are never able to join us live on Sundays….a beautiful promise to their wives and as a nod to their faith – Clay Clark and Tom Renz. Their segments with blow you away – Clay with his insights on the Trump indictment, the slow destruction of our democracy and what he sees coming and Tom with his billion-dollar lawsuits again the Covid criminals, intel drops on mRNA changing the human genome and being injected into the food supply and much more.

Sunday, April 16, 2023
1pm-3pm CDT/7pm-9pm UK

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Segment 1 – Naomi Wolf

Segment 2 – Kyle Kemper

Segment 3 – Tom Renz

Segment 4 – Clay