AGN 29


AGN Broadcast 29 Sunday, March 12, 2023

The bottom line in Truth and Disclosure! Once again we are bringing the most powerful voices of the day speaking to what is happening just below the surface where the mainstream crowd is afraid to look – but can’t avoid it much longer. Host Sacha Stone and co-hosts Scott McKay and Scotty Saks welcome:

– Mikki Willis: Filmmaker, father and veteran human rights activist. Many of you recognize Mikki from his Plandemic Series, the first of which has been seen by over one BILLION people worldwide and the series widely credited for being among the first to warn the world about the crimes against humanity that are now coming to light. He will be speaking to us about the release of Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening in June of this year and unity within our truth and freedom movement – the most important step we can all take and humanity’s greatest power.

-Edward Dowd: Author of CAUSE UNKNOWN: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022, this quietly brilliant Wall Street veteran is putting together patterns and official figures from unquestionably reliable source that point to profoundly disturbing evidence that covid vaccination has greatly contributed to excess mortality (aka -caused many deaths besides Covid itself). You will be shocked and captivated by the mind-blowing but straightforward presentation of data from insurance companies and funeral homes.

– Amy Kelly, Program Director for the War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project will give us the details of exactly what Pfizer knew, the actual results of the trials on 40,000 plus humans and why the FDA would approve an obviously ineffective remedy – especially when they knew that one of the significant adverse effects was actually getting Covid…among other findings.

– Willem Engel: Leading Dutch activist and dear friend of AGN returns for a fourth time to talk to tell us chilling tales about Dutch courts trying to collect dna samples, the mandatory gender ideology and education rollout in the Netherlands and the horror of farmers continuously being forced off their farms by governments in favor of 15 minute smart cities. 1984 in full effect in the Netherlands.

-Chief Sylvestre Gnakale: Sacha’s longtime friend and collaborator and Chief of the Bhete Tribe of the Ivory Coast will give us an update on Africa! Many of you may know Sacha grew up during the war for independence between Rhodesia and Zimbabwe, and with his recent trip to Sudan we thought it was a fitting time not only to look at what is happening currently but to revisit some of the egregious crimes against humanity committed and permitted in the African continent by organizations like the UN and WHO that continue assaulting humanity worldwide today.

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