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AGN Broadcast 28  Sunday , January 19, 2023

ARISE! Guerrilla News 28 airs on
Sunday, February 19, 2023
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Back after three weeks due to the incredible Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles where Sacha Stone was a keynote speaker and panelist – he absolutely brought down the house at the LAX Hilton, driving home hard truths even for the Rabbit Hole crowd!


Confirmed guests include:
-Ann Vandersteel
Thought leader and trailblazer in “new media”. Co-chair of the Zelenko Freedom Foundation, honored to becarrying forward the mission and legacy of world renowned medical freedom fighter, humanitarian, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko; previously the host of SteelTruth™, a top tiered weeknight primetime investigative and news program the reached millions every week.

-Dr. Peter McCullough
One of the most powerful anti-covid narrative medical voices to emerge recently, well-known for his mainstream-shocking appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Dr. McCullough is known for bringing forward solutions against the damage from widespread Covid jab programs.

-Ismael Perez
Author of Our Cosmic Origins, who has recently burst on the Spiritual Awakening and Truth/Disclosure scene as one of the most popular voices bridging the gap between ancient metaphysical knowledge and our current linear understanding of reality as we have been taught through education and religion – and show us how ultimately what we are living through is a war on consciousness.

-Dr. Marcus Ellis
Medical researcher and cancer coach, Marcus is an advocate for victims of DIS-ease inflicted by the hijacked medical system, and broadly shares his personal, terrifying medical experiences as a ‘terminal’ cancer conqueror. He was given 6 months to live…. over 6 YEARS ago. Now he recognizes many of the diabolic inversions of truth regarding the current healthcare system and wants to help others not fall in the same trap.

-Pascal Najadi is a renowned international Swiss Investment banker, film maker, author and the son of Hussain Najadi, the founder of AmBank Group in Malaysia, who was assassinated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 29th 2013 and his death remains a mystery. Pascal is the producer of GROUNDING, the last days of Swissair” (2006), voted as one of the best films in Swiss film history, and he has filed a lawsuit against the new Swiss President – formerly minister of health – abusing his official authority with Covid vaccine mandates.

-Felicia Milian
As a research associate at Cornell University, Felicia developed system dynamics and agent-based models for studying food safety and public policies. She has a deep understanding of the methods of poisoning of our air, water and food supply and will be sharing her knowledge about chemtrails with us on Sunday.

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