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USA Election Eve Special Broadcast

Tuesday March 12, 2024 | 1-3 pm Central

AGN was launched December 12, 2021 to fight for freedom around the world in response to censorship and the MSM stranglehold on truth.

Welcome to Sacha Stone’s ARISE! Guerrilla News – redefining the concept of real news and on-the-ground reporting, purely grass-roots, word of mouth… attended by people from all over the world with updates on the status quo from leading activists and change makers.

AGN was launched on December 12, 2021 to promote FREEDOM around the world… in response to endless censorship and the MSM stranglehold on truth and real news. The network relies on public speakers, Patriots, frontline activists, medical revolutionaries and concerned citizens to ignite a grassroots movement to fight for freedom around the world and disrupt mainstream media lies & deceptions as well as social media censorship & shadow banning.

AGN live-streams fortnightly (twice a month) on Sunday from 1 pm to 3 pm Central with four speakers who speak to critical issues of the day and give us the status quo from their region and nation on freedom, truth, health, censorship, economics and geopolitics and more. Since launching AGN has grown into a highly regarded platform for truth reaching many hundred of thousands views in syndication of each livestream.

AGN Broadcasts

NEXT BROADCAST: ARISE! Guerrilla News 13

Sunday, June 12, 2022 1 pm-3 pm CDT/2 pm -4 pm EDT/6 pm – 8 pm GMT

ARISE! Guerrilla News Broadcast 13

AGN will be broadcast bi-weekly

Frontline activists from around the world will give a 10-15 minute update on the status quote in their respective area. So far all of the reports have been hugely insightful and revealing – we truly believe it’s the best insider intel available.

Our team has created a database of attendees and contributors. Anyone interested can email contact@sachastone.com to receive a download link for the recording and syndicate to their social media platforms and to be added to the AGN database.

Previous AGN Broadcasts

You can view the previous broadcasts by signing up to Join the ARISE! Guerrilla News mailing list. When you sign up, you will receive an email with a downloadable link to the most recent replay, as well as the previous broadcasts. Once you are in the AGN database you will regularly receive the registration links, replays before anyone else, as well as more insights, resources, and clips. You do not need to have ZOOM or Dropbox installed to view or download the videos. We encourage you to syndicate on your own video-sharing platforms and to share on social media!

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AGN Broadcast 12 Sunday , May 29, 2022

Previous AGN Broadcast

Speakers of March 20, 2022

Mel K
The Mel K Show

The fierce Patriot voice from the Mel K show, Mel is a die-hard researcher whose 15 years in Hollywood and encounters with the dark forced a change to heal and uncover the truth!

Sian Gissing-McMeel

Sian returned with her latest revelations on corruption within the UK legal system, seeing her children and protecting the sacred Glastonbury from 5G towers.

Scotty Saks

Our MSM mastermind Scotty Saks was fresh from the ReAwaken conference he attended along with Leigh Dundas, Scott McKay, Ann Vandersteel and scooped 17 interviews – including
terrifying intel from attorney Tom Renz and Project Veritas.


Danny Kollar

From Slovakia (with an update on Ukraine and the impact on Eastern Europe) we welcomed this raw and popular online truth seeker activist living in London, well-known for his secret sources.

YouTube: Vlogy


Kyle Kemper

If you saw Sacha’s interview with him you know he is the awake and creative, bohemian opposite of his deep state-controlled older brother Justin Trudeau; Kyle talked about helping open eyes to what’s happening in Canada and around the world and how we change by creating new systems.


Volker Raupenstrauch

For the Love of Constitutional Law
Our sources in the German-speaking countries are all talking about the heaviness in central Europe around Russia and Ukraine – covering Germany, Austria and Switzerland for his businesses Volker gave us an incredible update the pulse of the people there.

Maneka Helleberg and Michael Zazzio

World Freedom Alliance
Chairman of the World Freedom Organization and Freedom Sweden Maneka and nurse and legal mind Michael reported on the latest from Sweden and the ongoing story of my repeat guest Sharon, jailed and labeled mentally ill for exposing institutional /trafficking in Scandinavia.

Jeroen Pols
Virus Truth Action Group

The biggest freedom story in Europe – our Broadcast 5 presenter and leading Dutch activist Willem Engel was arrested last week for sedition – his Number 2, attorney and co-founder of the Virus Truth Action group shared a grizzly portrait of the Dutch deep-state machine in action with an update on the situation and the shockwaves it is causing

Scott McKay

Our beloved brother-in-arms brought it with a precise update on the USA and his Patriot Streetfighter movement, including Operation Tomahawk…info coming soon. And finally- in a wonderful surprise…


Jason Shurka
The Shift

Author of The Pyramid Code and founder of censorship-free ad-free social media platform UNIFYD, this popular activist popped in to tell us what he is hearing and to tell us about THE SHIFT, an upcoming virtual event on April 3 and 4 highlighting some of the top speakers in the world to teach us how to shift into higher consciousness and transcend the darkness around the world today.

Past Speakers

The initiative is assembling a pantheon of the world’s leading icons in consciousness, medical-science, quantum-science, archeo-cosmology & theology, forensic analysis, and truth & disclosure in an epochal undertaking: to engender inspirational planetary conversation.

-Nate Maxx (Australia update)
-Ann Vandersteel (USA/Patriot Update)
-Sian Gissing-McMeel (UK/judicial update)
-Alexei Balan (Ukraine update)
-Richard Citizen Journalist (USA/Washington DC update)
-Bruno Mihailescu (Romania/Ukraine update)
-David Sereda (Ukraine update)
-Scott McKay (USA update)
-Scotty Saks (USA/MSM update)
-Captain Graham Hood (Australia update – pre-record)

-His Grace Bishop of Jerusalem Riah El Assal for Israel and Palestine update
-Sian Gissing-McMeel, UK and legal/sovereignty update
-Jason- Rama Tron, Canada and legal update
-Leigh Dundas, USA and convoy update
-Patrick Seensma, Netherlands and Cabal report
-Ulf Bejerstrand, Sweden update
-Dr. Andrew Rallis, Southern Europe/research update
-Nate Maxx, Australia footage and upcoming report
-Scotty Saks, USA and MSM update
-Scott McKay, USA and Patriot update

-David Nino Rodriguez, USA/Patriots update
-Yohan Tengra, India update
-Randall Kaiser, Canada/White Hats update
-Scott McKay, USA/Murder machine update
-Willem Engel, Netherlands update
-Reinette Senum, USA/California update
-Brian Brase and Jeremy Johnson – USA trucker update
-Nate Maxx, Australia/ Canberra convoy update
-Scotty Saks, USA/MSM update

-Reinette Senum, USA, Political Update
-Dr. Cordie Williams, USA, Political Update
-Steve Davislim, Europe Update
-Nurse Kate, England/Medical Update
-Nate Maxx, Australia update
-Scotty Saks, USA/Media update

-Scott McKay,USA/Freedom Fighter and Patriots Update
-Michael Jaco, USA/Freedom Fighter and Patriots Update
-Scotty Saks, USA/Media update
-Chief Sylvestre Gnakale, Africa update
-Guy Tal, Israel update
-Nate Maxx, East Australia update

-Scott McKay, USA/Freedom Fighter and Patriots Update
-Steve Davislim, Austria/Central Europe update
-Raphael Ben Dor, Israel update
-Curtis Orwell, NYC update
-Kaoru, NYC update
-Scotty Saks, USA/MSM update
-Nurse Kate Sheminari, UK/Medical update
-Reinette Senum, USA/Political update
-Dr. Atousa Mahdavi, USA/Health update
-Jason-Rama Tron, Canada update
-David Sereda, Canada update

-Chief Charles, New Zealand/Indigenous Nations (Mauori) update
-Aussie Cossack, Australia/Law Encorcement update
-Matiu Te Huki – Mauori warrior, Australia/Tribal update
-Tom Barnett, Australia/Geopolitical update
-Maja-Jingki: Burra, Australia/Spirituality update
-Clara Mikael, Mexico/Vaccine Injury update
-David Sereda, Canada/Big Pharma update
-Curtis Orwell, NYC update
-Jo Speaks Truth, NYC update

Activist Call

Currently building out our database of leading voices, front line activists and other truth pioneers fighting against tyranny in all parts of the world. If this is you – or you know or follow someone you think we should feature – please send an email to contact@sachastone.com with ACTIVIST in the subject line. Please include contact info if you have it and not just a link to their work.

Join us as a AGN contributor and change agent!

We cannot think of a better way to join the resistance and push back against the block in truth than starting our own news network. We can all be the difference… lets help our world and cut through the Luciferian deception masquerading as news media. It’s time for humans to become sovereign – we have to save ourselves from this manufactured reality dreamspell!

Join Us Now!

If you are familiar with or follow activists and others fighting on the front lines against tyranny worldwide who you think we should feature, please pass along their name – and if you have it contact info – to our production team at contact@sachastone.com with ACTIVIST in the subject time.

We are building a list of these blessed warriors so we can truly stay connected in areas that most of us don’t have access to on a regular basis. Many thanks!

You can cut and paste ANY portion of the following description and tags for your syndication:

Welcome to Sacha Stone’s ARISE! Guerrilla News – redefining the concept of real news and on-the-ground reporting, purely grass-roots, word of mouth… attended by people from all over the world with updates on the status quo from leading activists and change makers.

The AGN was launched December 12, 2021 specifically as a response to censorship and the MSM stranglehold on truth. The network relies on frontline activists and concerned citizens to ignite a devastating grassroots movement to disrupt mainstream media lies & deceptions as well as social media censorship & shadow banning. The first two calls had around 750 participants, the latest one on January 9, 2022 capped out with 1,000 in the zoom room (2,695 registered).

AGN will be broadcast bi-weekly with the next one happening Sunday, January 23, 2022 from 5-7 pm EST.

Interested parties can receive the link to register one of the following ways:

1) Send an e-mail to contact@sachastone.com to receive AGN communication

2) If you are a subscriber to other Sacha Stone initiatives check your e-mail

3) Look for the link on Sacha’s social media channels well as our various projects including Lazarus Initiative and Arise Freedom Tour.

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#fukzuk #msm #endmsm #fakenews #medialies #truth #disclosure #breakthealgorithm #matrixglitching #dreamspell #sachastone #guerillanewsnetwork #activism #frontlines @sachastone @arise_freedom_tour


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